Psychological dynamics in glaucoma: extended remarks

Dear Editor,

reading the article Psychological dynamics in glaucoma by Navarra (Ophthalmologist) and Cardella and Sances (Psychologists) [IROO 2015;1:9-24], some questions arise that could be discussed for an empowering of the context and to point out the necessity to open a broad space for the interaction between Medical Doctor and Psychologist. The foresight is to intercept the patient’s mood and “adaptation/acceptance” of a chronic drug-dependent disease, in order to better understand how to communicate with the patient and encourage him/her to find the self-motivation to reach the best compliance/ adherence/therapeutic alliance. The impact of a cancer diagnosis is well established and many rules are acquired; while in Ophthalmology very few papers cover the field.

pdf-icon PDF: 16_03_QA_Dinamiche_Psicologiche_nel_glaucoma_osservazioni_e_commento

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